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Site works begin on Extra Care facility in Shevington

Site works begin on Extra Care facility in Shevington for Wigan Council

Premier Scaffolding is proud to provide the scaffolding for this project for Wigan Council working with M&Y Maintenance and Construction. 

The demolition crew have moved in as Shevington marks a new phase in its history. The former school site, which housed Shevington Community Primary School for many generations, will be transformed into a modern Extra Care facility for older and disabled people.

The Ward councillors Paul Collins, Mike Crosby and Vicky Galligan are pleased that, after a period of being empty, the property will make way for a much-needed social housing facility for local people.

Vicky said: “It was really sad when the school closed in 2017, as lots of locals and their parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents had gone to this lovely school. But the council just needed to cut its budget and the school was an expensive building to maintain.

“We’re now looking to the future and have been to see the Ashton Extra Care facility. It’s light, modern and warm – people who have flats there hardly need to switch the heating on. There is a large, welcoming communal area and tenants can have as much or as little care as they need while living independently in their own space.”

To find out more about the project, which is being carried out by Wigan Council with M&Y Maintenance and Construction and is scheduled to complete in mid-2024, see the website shevingtonextracare.commonplace.is

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