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At Premier Scaffolding Ltd we provide scaffolding services for commercial, residential and industrial projects throughout Manchester, Greater Manchester and the surrounding area

Structural Support Scaffolding Systems from Premier Scaffolding Ltd

In situations when the building may not be structurally sound or where temporary work is being done, structural building support systems are needed to hold up floors, walls and ceilings. At Premier Scaffolding Ltd we provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding services including Structural support scaffolding. Additionally, we can provide Heavy Duty Support Gantries and walkways for all types of industrial, commercial, residential and public sector projects.

We also have extensive experience providing structural support scaffolding for heritage and historic buildings. We have worked on Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings, and historic monuments and sites. We have extensive knowledge of the scaffolding designs required to prevent damage to a building’s historic fabric during construction.

Before any work begins, it is important to properly plan, choose a scaffolding system that will limit any damage, and design the support scaffolding structure that enables restoration work to continue and protects the historic building. Arranging for electrical earthing and using the right kind of scaffolding ties should all be included in the planning. Consideration must also be given to access for delivery of the scaffolding system and installation, outrigger legs, and compressibility of the surrounding ground, especially whilst working on archaeological and historic sites. Where scaffold legs bear on historic fabric, we will ensure the scaffold does not cause damage. This is achieved by adequate load spreading and protection of the historic fabric.

Our system scaffolding is ideal for structural support scaffolding for heritage and historic buildings.  providing many benefits over traditional tube and clamp systems. Speed, flexibility and strength, plus enhanced safety make the PLETTAC METRIX scaffold system ideal for all scaffolding projects especially where load bearing may be an issue.

Scaffolding for all Sectors including Commercial, Residential Refurbishments, Industrial Scaffolding, Restoration and all Construction.

There are specific guidelines and regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that govern scaffold design, installation, use, and dismantling  to prevent accidents and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Premier Scaffolding Ltd is a CITB registered, CHAS accredited company with 35+ years experience. We design, supply, install and dismantle safe access scaffold systems throughout the North West

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