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Scaffold Edge Protection and Scaffolding Handrail Systems Improve Safety and Work Force Efficiency.

Premier Scaffolding Ltd provides scaffold edge protection and handrail systems for Industrial Scaffolding, Commercial Scaffolding and more

At Premier Scaffolding Ltd health & safety are always at the forefront of all scaffold designs and installations, so your team and visitors to any sites with scaffolding are kept safe at all times. We use the system scaffolding Plettac Metrix which is installed in combination with a wide range of safety products, keeping your workforce, visitors and public safe from hazards during construction.

What is Scaffold Edge Protection?

Edge Protection is designed to prevent persons from falling from a height to a lower level. This solution tends to consist of Guardrails and Handrails and is frequently an essential part of any scaffolding design.

Where is Edge Protection required?

As specified by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), if there is a risk of falling more than two metres, roof edge protection consisting of suitable guardrails will be required. If it’s not appropriate to install guardrails, reliance will be placed on fall arrest equipment, such as safety harnesses for example.

Classes of Edge Protection

To conform with edge protection safety standards you must adhere to the European Standard of Temporary Edge Protection – EN 13374. This applies to edge protection solutions for flat and inclined surfaces. This is also the specified requirement for three classes of temporary edge protection known as Class A, Class B and Class C.

Class A – protection to flat surfaces and slopes generally up to 10 degrees
Class B – protection to flat surfaces and slopes up to 30 degrees
Class C – protection to steeply sloping surfaces up to 60 degrees
Premier Scaffolding Ltd is a leading access scaffolding provider in the North West ensuring safety at height from our scaffolding edge protection and handrail systems. 

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Scaffolding Handrail Systems, Guardrails and Edge Protection Safety Products

Permanent Advanced Guardrail systems allow scaffolders and trades to work in complete safety from the level below while complying fully with the NASC’s guidance note SG4. Combined with our Plettac Metrix system scaffolding these unique features of the system lead to significant benefits, including reduced equipment levels, labour savings, decreased assembly times and improved safety.

Metrix Permanent Advanced Guardrails

Metrix Permanent Advanced Guardrails are manufactured from galvanised steel and are an alternative to traditional ledgers and guardrails. As the guardrails are installed from the secured level below, scaffold operatives are constantly within a protected area.

Metrix Permanent Advanced Side Guardrails

Metrix Permanent Advanced Side Guardrails are installed from the secured level below, perpendicularly to the permanent advanced guardrails, for towers between 1.5m and 3m wide. Must be used in conjunction with Reinforced Double Ledgers.

Metrix Internal Staircase Guardrails

Metrix Internal Staircase Guardrails are aluminium units which provide hand holds and internal edge protection to the staircase units with landings, they are attached with two 10mm diameter bolts with 22mm diameter nuts.

Walkway Systems

Walkway Systems give workers the reassurance of safe, non-slip access to all roof works. It’s laid onto the roof surface, so the roof itself remains protected. It’s ideal for use on and around:

  • flat roofs (lead, felt, single ply membrane);
  • profile cladding (fibre, cement, steel, aluminum);
  • tiled surfaces (slate, clay). Consider it also for fragile surfaces, valley gutters, stepped applications and roof lights.

Helping your workers to always tread safely, the TRAD Walkway System:

  • offers the confidence of an ultra non-slip surface, even when wet;
  • is manufactured from recycled PVC-U;
  • fully conforms to the Working at Height Act.
Catch Fans

Catch Fans provide reliable protection for personnel while safeguarding against falling objects, throughout the construction process. At Premier Scaffolding we combine our Plettac Metrix System Scaffold with the TRAD Catch Fan. This system  is capable of providing a smart, effective containment solution for all high rise building projects.

TRAD Catch Fan contains falling items and debris from multi-storey buildings during construction. The fan absorbs the energy of falling objects, essentially catching them before they hit the ground; unlike a traditional scaffold board fan which to deflects objects into the structure.

Each TRAD Catch Fan unit comprises of a 60mm x 60mm net designed to contain a maximum weight of 100kg through 7m with a 20mm x 20mm net overlay for the containment of smaller items. The TRAD Catch Fan cantilevers from the structure by 3.2m and comes in two lengths, 4m and 6m. Complete with a range of attachments the TRAD Catch Fan can connect directly to a concrete frame or structural steel building. Additionally, it can also attach to a scaffold.

One of the main features of the TRAD Catch Fan is that it can be progressively moved up the building keeping protection as close as possible to the working area where protection may be required – unlike a traditional scaffold fan which is stationary and usually towards the bottom of the structure. The TRAD Catch Fan meets all requirements of European Standard EN 1263-1.

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