Temporary Roof Cover

At Premier Scaffolding Ltd we provide scaffolding services for commercial, residential and industrial projects throughout Manchester, Greater Manchester and the surrounding area

Temporary roofing provides weather protection during construction, renovation,  re roofing, or repairs to ensure your project can continue whatever the weather.

Premier Scaffolding Ltd provides affordable temporary roof scaffolding in Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Cheshire and the North West. Our highly weather-resistant temporary roof systems offer maximum protection from severe conditions year-round. Working outside on outddor contruction projects and repairs in Manchester can be frustrating, but Premier Scaffolding Ltd can keep your project progressing whatever the weather with our temporary roofing solutions. Investing in a temporary roof during your renovation project may save time and money as works can continue when the rain starts.

Ideal for construction, repair and renovation projects needing weather protection or emergency roof cover-up, our high-quality temporary roofing solutions suit residential, commercial and industrial clients. Whether enveloping whole buildings, roofs or specific work areas, our versatile temporary roofing shelters any project.

Our modular temporary roofs install and disassemble fast for a variety of applications, including temperature-controlled facilities, encapsulation, buildings, workshops, and protective decks. Their adaptability also permits important parts to be removed while covered, allowing for the installation of machinery and crane access.

Premier Scaffolding Ltd provides Temporary Roof Cover for commercial, residential and industrial projects keeping your project on track


  • Temporary roofs for loft conversions
  • Weather protection during construction
  • Emergency requirements  – ideal for fire damage or insurance needs
  • Mobile roofs and events
  • Portal frames and bridged access
  • Can be built as a mono or duo-pitch roof
  • Weather protection and encapsulation
  • Protection decks and suspended access for industrial or civil engineering projects
  • 24/7 site working requirements

Temporary Roofing or Tin Hat Scaffolding is a great way of waterproofing and weatherproofing structures during construction. Frequently used for Loft Conversions and reroofing projects to large scale industrial projects, temporary roofing helps keep your project on track. As we all know the weather in Manchester is unpredictable so Premier Scaffolding Ltd can help keep your project weather protected.

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