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Scaffolding Health and Safety

At Premier Scaffolding Ltd, the health and safety of our team, clients, and the public is our utmost priority. Our approach to safety emphasizes diligence, expertise, and continuous improvement, ensuring we uphold the highest safety standards in the scaffolding industry.

Our Commitment to Health and Safety
Certified Expertise: Our safety initiatives are led by Stephen Carlisle, who brings invaluable knowledge with his NEBOSH qualifications. His expertise ensures our operations comply with rigorous safety standards.

External Health and Safety Partnership: We partner with Clarke Health and Safety Consultants Limited, known for its expertise in scaffolding and construction safety over seven years. Clarke Health and Safety Consultants offer services including retained consultancy, internal safety audits, training needs analysis, and work at height plans. Led by Mark Clarke, with over 40 years in the scaffolding construction industry, the consultancy has become a trusted advisor to organizations including the NHS, Liverpool City Council, and the HSE. Mark’s significant role, especially his involvement with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) where his scaffolding safety expertise is utilized, highlights the consultancy’s respected position in the industry​ (Clarke Health & Safety Consultants)​​ (Clarke Health and Safety)​.

Diligent Inspections and Technology Use: Our commitment to safety is further demonstrated through rigorous 7-day inspections and the use of the Smart Scaffolder app. This technology, with its Smart Inspector and Smart Handover features, is central to our safety protocols, ensuring consistent high standards.

Continuous Learning: The foundation of our safety culture is our commitment to continuous learning and development. Through regular toolbox talks, ongoing training, and apprenticeship programs, we ensure our team is equipped with the latest safety knowledge and skills. Our partnership with Clarke Health and Safety Consultants facilitates access to tailored training courses that address the specific needs of our employees and the scaffolding industry​ (Clarke Health and Safety)​.

Our Safety Philosophy

Safety at Premier Scaffolding Ltd is not just a priority but an integral part of our corporate identity. By integrating Clarke Health and Safety Consultants’ expertise and utilising advanced technology, we reinforce our commitment to protecting everyone involved in or affected by our operations. Our proactive approach to safety, underscored by education and compliance with regulatory standards, exemplifies our dedication to maintaining high safety standards.

Our clients span many sectors including, Residential New Builds, Commercial, Industrial, Civil Engineering, Public Sector and Heritage and we consistently ensure that we uphold the highest safety standards in the scaffolding industry.

For more detailed information about our health and safety practices or to learn more about our services, please contact us.

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