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Scaffolding Sectors

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Premier Scaffolding Ltd provides scaffolding for a wide range of sectors including Commercial Scaffolding, Scaffolding for Residential and Residential projects, New Builds and Construction, Industrial Scaffolding, Civil Engineering, and Infrastructure.

We also have extensive experience in providing innovative scaffolding solutions for Heritage and Historic restoration projects where sensitivity is required to ensure the workforce and public are safe and the buildings are not damaged whilst work is completed.

Industrial Scaffolding: We understand the unique demands of industrial sites. Our scaffolding solutions guarantee safety and accessibility for your industrial projects.

Commercial Scaffolding: From office buildings to retail spaces, our team ensures the timely setup and dismantling of scaffolding to facilitate seamless commercial construction projects.
 Precision-designed scaffolding to meet the unique needs of commercial projects, maintaining safety while accommodating varied operational activities.

New Build Construction Scaffolding: We are experienced in providing scaffolding solutions for new builds and property construction. Including housing associations, local authorities, property developers and builder. Our highly experienced team work in-line with your contractors and ensure no delays occur. We understand that as the build progresses, the new build scaffold will need to be adjusted and adapted ensuring safety of the different trades and a progressing work platform to work from.

Heritage Scaffolding: We understand the care and sensitivity required when providing scaffolding for refurbishment work to heritage and historic buildings. Our Scaffold designer will work collaboratively to understand the unique aspects of your heritage project taking the extra care that is required when working on your site. Ensuring the correct scaffolding solution is designed, assembled then deconstructed with sensitivity to your histtoric site.

Civil Engineering: Scaffolding for Civil Engineering projects requires an experienced team for scaffolding designs and installations to ensure the workforce, public and infrastructure users are kept safe whilst repairs and construction occur. Whether you require new construction or refurbishment to existing structures, Premier Scaffolding Ltd can provide cost effective civil engineering scaffolding solutions for motorway structures, railway bridges, solar installations, bridges, windfarms, roads and more.

Residential Scaffolding: Specially designed scaffolding structures for residential properties, prioritising safety during extensions, re roofing, maintenance, renovations, solar installation or new constructions for management companies, housing associations, local authorities, developers